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Politics this week | The world this week
Business this week | The world this week
KAL’s cartoon | The world this week
How to make sense of the latest tech surge | Leaders
How the next president should fix America’s student-loan problem | Leaders
Healing the rift in Europe’s single currency | Leaders
Boris Johnson takes on the judges | Leaders
Jeff Bezos wants to help save the climate. Here is how he should do it | Leaders
Letters to the editor | Letters
Rodrigo Duterte’s lawless war on drugs is wildly popular | Briefing
Joe Biden’s rivals scramble to capitalise on his woes in South Carolina | United States
Michael Bloomberg gives an unconvincing performance in Nevada’s Democratic debate | United States
Why Donald Trump’s high approval ratings may be misleading | United States
Anger in a time of autism | United States
The Boy Scouts of America files for bankruptcy amid child-abuse lawsuits | United States
A quirk in the law means that America’s kidney shortage costs taxpayers | United States
Washington DC’s declining black population fights to preserve its musical heritage | United States
Companies can now get away with killing America’s birds | United States
An interview with Uruguay’s president-elect, Luis Lacalle Pou | The Americas
A pipeline through historically native land has sparked protests in Canada | The Americas
Japan’s GDP shrinks dramatically after a tax rise and a typhoon | Asia
Holden, a (sort-of) Australian icon, succumbs to globalisation | Asia
How Pakistani brides inadvertently sign away their rights | Asia
Afghanistan’s disputed presidential election comes at a tricky time | Asia
Singapore has almost wiped out its mother tongues | Asia
In China, newly confirmed cases of coronavirus infection are falling | China
China finds a use abroad for Twitter, a medium it fears at home | China
Amid a virus lockdown, how are China’s migrant workers surviving? | China
How America deals with Africa, despite Donald Trump | Middle East and Africa
Why young, urban or rich Africans are less likely to vote | Middle East and Africa
Why delivering the mail in Congo is so hard | Middle East and Africa
South Sudan inches towards a unity government | Middle East and Africa
The Egyptian government is sending Jews mixed signals | Middle East and Africa
Lessons for Lebanon from its struggling neighbours | Middle East and Africa
Emmanuel Macron’s reforms are working, but not for him | Europe
A sexting scandal makes France fret it is turning Puritan | Europe
How Sweden copes with Chinese bullying | Europe
The $50bn Yukos judgment against Russia turns on a single word | Europe
An Orthodox Christian schism in Ukraine echoes around the world | Europe
Turkey acquits the Gezi Park protesters, then rearrests one | Europe
Poland is cocking up migration in a very European way | Europe
Why pruning the British judiciary’s powers will prove tricky | Britain
Will Britain lose the Elgin marbles? | Britain
Britain’s post-Brexit immigration rules worry business | Britain
Why Britain isn’t Canada | Britain
With money tight, competition between Britain’s unions is getting dirty | Britain
British ministers come and go almost as often as football managers | Britain
The rise of Britain’s woke members’ clubs | Britain
Britain’s imperial prime minister | Britain
Experts predict that covid-19 will spread more widely | International
A deluge of data is giving rise to a new economy | Special report
Are data more like oil or sunlight? | Special report
Should data be crunched at the centre or at the edge? | Special report
Integrating data is getting harder, but also more important | Special report
Governments are erecting borders for data | Special report
Who will benefit most from the data economy? | Special report
Business and the next recession | Business
The EU wants to set the rules for the world of technology | Business
Apple’s Chinese troubles | Business
Chinese firms use obscure legal tactics to stem virus losses | Business
Executives are rewarded handsomely | Business
Spies often use businesses as cover | Business
The Bundesbank is caught between a doveish ECB and a suspicious public | Finance and economics
Are there too many central bankers? | Finance and economics
HSBC undergoes yet another overhaul. It still may not be enough | Finance and economics
Michael Milken receives a presidential pardon | Finance and economics
The appeal, and the flaws, of cash-based accounting | Finance and economics
Cash sloshes around the world in unexpected ways | Finance and economics
Student debt in America amounts to over $1.5trn | Finance and economics
Covid-19 presents economic policymakers with a new sort of threat | Finance and economics
The search for extraterrestrial intelligence moves up a gear | Science and technology
Knowing how plants and microbes work together can boost crop yields | Science and technology
Do not rely on facial expressions for how people are feeling | Science and technology
Mapping cells to build a complete atlas of the human body | Science and technology
Whose internet is it anyway? | Books and arts
The legend of Levi Strauss | Books and arts
A race to the top of the world | Books and arts
A Kurdish artist memorialises the experiences of his people | Books and arts
Compromise and survival in Vladimir Putin’s Russia | Books and arts
Economic data, commodities and markets | Economic and financial indicators
China’s minorities have a tough time finding jobs | Graphic detail
“Mad Mike” Hoare died on February 2nd | Obituary